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My greatest passion is individuals, who have experienced trauma, life stressors, and emotional dysfunction, ontheir journey to healing. I have received a Masters of Professional Counseling and currently working toward Licensure.

It is my desire to help adolescents ages 13-17 to discover their identity and find their inner voice, walk aside my millennial peers in healing unresolved trauma as they transition through life, and provide engaged couples with tools to cultivate a healthy marriage.

My duty is to challenge my clients to find a healthy awareness of themselves, strengthen relationships and resolve conflict. I will support all individuals in becoming their best peaceful, confident, and whole selves.

Founder of Renewed Perspectives Counseling & Consulting, LLC

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Felicia takes an eclectic, holistic approach to therapy incorporating a variety of theoretical approaches and Christian counseling principles, depending on your individual needs and preferences. Her experience working with individuals, couples and groups from diverse backgrounds makes her the ideal person to deal with a variety of concerns. Felicia specializes in helping people through life transitions, relationship growth challenges, and understanding how to incorporate self-care into everyday life. 

Felicia is a warm, inviting person that naturally helps people feel welcomed when they are in her presence. Felicia's empowering nature is evident in her work in any setting. She is committed to encouraging others to live life well, not to simply survive it. 

Felicia has a unique manner of providing empathy and encouragement while challenging clients to break cycles of routine that are hindering their ability to view their situation differently.  Felicia shares a special connection to those balancing ministry leadership with family life and military spouses impacted by deployments and strains of military life.

Felicia is an engaging yet enthusiastic facilitator, she enjoys sharing with a group of like-minded peers who are eager to gain information and ready to enhance their work performance.  Felicia completed her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. Personally, Felicia is a self-professed foodie who enjoys recreating good food, spending time with her family and serving others.

Felicia A. Garrett, M.A., LPC, NCC

Founder of Renewed Perspectives Counseling & Consulting, LLC

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Are you carrying the weight of being the “strong” person?  Is your “I’m Okay” mask becoming cracked and too heavy to put on? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the expectations of others and the pressure to perform? Are you tried of not being a priority in your own life? Are you facing some transitions that are challenging you beyond your capacity?


You have the power to make any change you desire, I have the ability to help you when you are ready. I can help you create an authentic relationship with yourself that will improve the quality of your relationships with others; develop healthy boundaries; and emotional management.


I believe that therapy is a unique, personal process of growth and healing for each individual. It is my mission to provide a safe and nurturing space where we can work through this process together. Each person is different and I will meet each you where you are in the process. I incorporate different approaches, including Christian counseling principles, depending on client preference and needs.

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A. Simone Olds, M.A , LPC


Hey You! Are you in a season of your life, where you feel stuck? Life challenges seem to have you in a holding pattern; a cycle of anxiety, emotional instability, overwhelming stress, unhealthy relationships, grief, and/or low self-esteem. You are not alone; everyone experiences seasons in life when they lose momentum. However, you don’t have to remain there. You have the right to live a fulfilled life, and this is your first step. I would love nothing more than to hold space for you to better understand your emotional strengths, learn healthy tools to manage your mood, set goals that catapult you into newness, and build confidence to walk in your wholeness.


My greatest passion is joining individuals, who have experienced trauma, life stressors, and emotional dysfunction, on their journey to healing. My experience as a Licensed Resident in Counseling, includes working with my millennial peers in healing unresolved trauma as they transition through life, encourage, and empower emotional and mental wellness for women of all ages. Additionally, I walk aside engaged couples, in pre-marital counseling, to create a blueprint for their future marriage before saying “I do.” We develop tailor-made tools that aid in cultivating a healthy relationship.


Here, you have permission to be your most authentic selves and will be met with the same level of authenticity from me. I will challenge you to find a healthy self-awareness, strengthen relationships and learn lifelong skills to become your best peaceful, confident, and whole selves.


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