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I am Nicole Scott, Psy.D., LCP 

My Story

Hello! My name is Dr. Nicole and I am excited to be a part of the Renewed Perspectives team!  Marriage and Family therapy is a long-standing passion of mine that goes back to the 6th grade.  Even at an early age, I came to value the impact and importance of mental health and relationships as it deals with individuals’ ability to navigate life in a health and sustainable fashion.  I aim to help people articulate their values and priorities and gain control over their lives.   


I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD).  I have extensive experience in providing care and guidance to couples through couples therapy, research, workshops/seminars, and partnering with churches.  The reality that marriage is difficult, and can often times feel broken and or fractured, is a reality that many couples are faced with daily.  It is my goal to instill hope, in couples, that their relationships can reflect God's design and blessing for marriage.  


In addition to couples’ work, I also enjoy partnering with individuals.  In graduate school, my peers and I began saying “I need to organize my life.”  It was a joke but it perfectly portrayed how busy, stressed and overwhelmed we were.  We had never-ending to-do list and sometimes it was hard to even know where to start.   That is how many people feel, and I consider it a privilege to walk with individuals who are having trouble managing daily life stressors, navigating a significant life event, managing life transitions, and/or struggling to meet goals and aspirations.    


In my work, I take a collaborative and systemic approach.  I work with individuals to create and establish goals at the outset and throughout our time together.  A systems perspective allows me and you to account for the numerous factors impacting your well-being including, but not limited to, current relationships with family and friends, relationship history, family dynamics, childhood experiences, and much more.  In that same vein, I love integrating Christian principles into our work for those whose faith is an integral part of their lives. 

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